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Ban/Unban Requests / Re: Help! Still Banned!!
« on: October 25, 2013, 08:41:00 pm »
Hi Dirlack,

The problem is that system bans you automatically because it detects either a proxy or botnet. Your hostname is hidden. If you are not using proxy, try to reload and/or change the IP address as it may be blacklisted (hacker attacks recorded from that IP, etc).  This is a global black list, not in our control.

Hello Mr.Fauser  :)

I like the server idea and I see good reasoning for it. The game length won't depend on the money generated only. This means that there will be no cheesy game play like funding lumber mills on desert map (server 3), where players were achieving nonsense profits over 3 years. Players have to BUILD to get something. CV is required also to get more competition and enforce more profitable rails.

Basically, "Lower CV" addresses the issue when you built your company, but you have to sit on the server and wait extra few hours just to get the required CV and win the game. 900-950 perf. points will require players to work hard, but not as hard as on s4/s5 for example. They have only 2-4 hours. Teamplay will be appreciated also  :)

Speaking from my TTD experience, there are few problems with performance because it's not configurable and is set to fixed values:
1. Main one: it is easily abused with passenger trains, as they generate enormous amount of cargo delivered. That's most important 400 points (especially for the short game) that are hardly achieved with other cargo types.

2. There is no scalability, it will work only on a certain goal with certain map. For example, trains that go over a long distance will generate profit only every other year -> no profit perf. points

3. Again, profit points. Road vehicles are not profitable, so it will be trains-only server. Then there will be limited usage of the transfer networks, because 100 points of "Min. Profit" are usually what is holding players from achieving high perf. goal.

We have to discuss it more, but idea is good.

Complaints / Re: server 8: no funding of primary industries
« on: August 03, 2013, 04:12:30 pm »
I agree on this one since multiple industries per town is ON on server8.

Complaints / Re: please ban
« on: July 07, 2013, 02:00:25 am »
Yep, came back to IRC, saw your msg, checked logs and banned.
Thanks for noticing it.

What's interesting - guy just kept playing there, not a usual troll.

Tournaments & Battles / Re: Interserver tournament
« on: June 26, 2013, 06:55:10 pm »
Good idea. I have to return and practice then  ;)

Do you have any proposals in mind for server settings or the goal values?
Solo competition or the team play?

Suggestions / Re: [Poll] Industry competition
« on: May 15, 2013, 10:34:41 pm »
"it helps to grow production on mines (etc) faster."
I dont think you believe in this yourself.You are talking like politicians.

I said "usually"  :P a lot of situations when transported rating is below 80%, so competition helps to up the rating. More rating = more production.

I have no problem if someone's competing with me.

Suggestions / Re: [Poll] Industry competition
« on: May 15, 2013, 09:55:27 pm »
Voted for "Yes, you can only take goods from secondary industries if you also deliver to them". Competition is fun.

I think it's reasonable to compete over primary industries (mines, forests, etc) because if players will "own everything" there won't be much space to play, especially in the late game (a lot of mines getting closed). Competition won't hurt - usually it helps to grow production on mines (etc) faster. Leeching goods is painful for profits - yes.

General / Re: Coverage area of station
« on: December 12, 2012, 04:10:10 pm »
It's not a bug, it's a well-known TTD feature  :) I remember similar thing in original TTD on DOS.

General Chat / Re: Admin Tournament
« on: August 28, 2012, 04:10:57 pm »
I voted for Server 4. Reasons:
1) Same as YorVeX's argument: simply because none of us admins regularly plays there and it's our only winter server.
2) It's interesting to test new settings in a rough competition.
3) IMHO, medium goal servers are perfect for such tournaments:
 a. It's not that long as our Long-run server, so players won't be that tired & AFK
 b. It's not that short, so lucky start doesn't matter that much, everyone have the time to catch up.

General Chat / Re: OpenTTD related quotes
« on: August 24, 2012, 11:03:06 pm »
Yea, that was really funny when I got back.  :D

Suggestions / Re: More info on recent games
« on: August 06, 2012, 09:40:15 pm »
This belongs to this thread.

Maybe instead of adding new points we should make new statistics. Like monthy, weekly and yearly. I also want to suggest table with average points per game  ;p that would be interesting to see

Average points per game, yay \o/

Here's the idea: we could create an additional page with TOP10 for each goal server by the average points for all their games on such servers.
Page layout? Something like server list, with TOP10s going down and you can show\hide specific server.

Suggestions / Re: FIRS?
« on: August 06, 2012, 09:20:42 pm »
1. should we try FIRS? pro? contra?
2. which of the servers should become a FIRS server.
3. what additional (setting) changes should be made to that server so it's running properly with FIRS?

input please  :D

1. I tried FIRS on BTPro. It's less confusing and more popular than ECS.
2. Server #1, since it's least popular. (we could revive #4 as a medium goal and convert #2 to a CityBuilder later).
3. Here's the list:
- Short goal (50 mil. euros), so people can get used to it.
- No breakdowns  :P
- Same additional GRF's as on the BTPro.
- 512x1024 map, if possible

1. Start date - 1985 is optimal. Players should not start with monorails, it's not in the 'long-run' style, but 30 years with slow trains as it works now it's too much and wasting player's time.

2. End date - 2090 is reasonable. New players should be able to win it too, right now it's painful to see how a lot of effort goes nowhere and the players who work there for hours can't score any points. Maybe we could change the date to 2080, since the goal is lower than on #5.

3. Max station and train length - 14 is nice to try. 20TL is something most of N-Ice players got used to (servers #3 and #5), but it's worth to try new setting and new possible designs for a long run. Reduced load on a server\clients is a key thing too.

4. Max train number - 500 and not less. With the same production rate we will need 50-60% more trains to fill the gap, because train length goes from 23 to 14. Later we can adjust this number further.

5. Max R.V. number - 250, why not. It's a minor change, since IMHO road vehicles aren't that useful.

6. New goal value? No!
5bil goal - It's not an 'N-Ice long-run server'™. Game will end too soon, since even with 10bil goal one person did it in 35 years.
15bil goal - Some players already complained that 15bil on #5 is too high for them. IMHO 15bil and 10bil servers in da house is nice, people can choose what they prefer. Also, since we're lowering the TL, it should decrease the average income too.

And implement it as soon as possible, please  :D

Suggestions / Re: ottd olympics
« on: August 06, 2012, 08:01:51 pm »
Up for the good topic. I like cossack's ideas.

Main reason - we need more scheduled & organized tournaments!  :) ... not only for the countries, we could set up several custom teams from the active players. Those medals will be given for a scheduled games and the teams will compete for amount of those.  :)

I suggest to rename this topic to "Save the Server #4!". My answer is breakdowns off.

Most popular servers (3,5,8) are set to no breakdowns. It's a general tendency that players don't like breakdowns at all. The only exception is server #6, which is a special one supposed to be hard and creates additional difficulties with various settings for hardcore players. Those hardcore players are care the most about harsh start, so mostly they are not interested in chasing longer goal. It reminds them of original TTD game. IMHO, there is no need in additional hard server, especially in 'when-this-thing-finally-ends' medium goal.

I played on #4 and breakdowns annoyed me. Sometimes I want a proper medium goal server because it is very nice to have for tournaments. I also like the white color. Let's save the server!
Go white.  :P

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