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Change of rule 4 (partly "the 50% rule")

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Re: Change of rule 4 (partly "the 50% rule")
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Why is this post dormant? I'm seeing more and more people violating this rule nowadays. We either change it or strictly enforce it.

I always read the rule as "two sides" only. Occasionally if the industry is awkwardly placed I might be forced to be on 3 sides but I'd ensure that its simply one rail or something on the extra side so that another player can still place their station within range with ease.

See screenshot with "2 sides" and then one using "3 sides" but still room where the other stations both touch the oil easily enough.


Re: Change of rule 4 (partly "the 50% rule")
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Indeed there are usually enough ways to build a station so that there is room for competition. Also 2 sides is a good rule of thumb. The problem however usually does not arise around primary industries, but around towns, where people build roads to grow them or a lot of stations and at secondary industries where dozens of trains drop off and take cargo. And that is where the hard part is to judge is some cases.
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