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regarding the goal

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regarding the goal
« on: May 06, 2018, 12:27:30 pm »

Lorne Malvo

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Hey guys, I', new around here and to openttd. I played a few games and this is my favourite server so far. But it seems to me the only available "random" cargos are mail, steel, goods and valuables. 50k mail is pretty hard. Steel is okay. Goods are easily done under 3 hours. But valuables are close to undoable. At the start of the game the bank in your city will be the only one on the map. After 10 years there might be 10 Cities with Banks. This would take forever, right?
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Re: regarding the goal
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Hi and Welcome to n-ice community, Lorne Malvo !

Glad to see that you like the server. In fact the server script is still in testphase so I´m happy about every feedback as you pointed out for example. So we can discuss how to fix it and I´m try to program it. So, what are your suggestions in detail ?