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Latest client
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Latest releases are here.

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How to setup Auto-Login
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How to use the Auto-Login functionality

Setup before joining a game

  • Make sure "n-ice" tab is selected. It should have a yellow background.
  • Introduce your credentials.
  • Use the shortcut panel to quick-join any server.

* Note: If you also play at bt-pro just repeat all steps but with the bt-pro tab selected. The credentials are independent and can be different, including the username.

Once in game

Once inside you can effectively login pressing the "Get Token --> Login" button in the "Token window" that will automatically pop-up. You can reopen it using the <N> key shortcut.

It is also possible to login through the "Online Players windows". Just click the blue button "Token login" right bellow your name.

Note: You can check your login status by issuing the !me command.
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