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Upgrade all trains to newest engines

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Upgrade all trains to newest engines
« on: April 11, 2023, 02:43:45 am »


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Replacing your trains to the newest version available is a bit of a pain when going through each to upgrade. That is how I felt until Utslagsnes showed me in the BTPRO server how to do it easily. Recently, we came across a player in the Extreme 20 Bil server that was waiting for the best MAGLEV's to become available before adding them to his train system. Otherwise he'd have to replace all the individual trains one by one as I used to.

Thanks goes to UT who showed me this years ago. I'm just helping pass the info on incase it is missed here in the forums.

Once your new type of train becomes available....

Step 1. In the Company train list(Train icon).
Step 2. At bottom of train list, select "Manage list" and select "Replace Vehicles".
Step 3. Select the old train on the left and the new one on the right.
Step 4. Select wagon removal if your trains are too long and Select "Start replacing".

I try and keep my trains with the correct number of engines so I don't have to adjust them. If you select remove cars, it will remove them to keep the max amount of train length at 25. If you have to many engines, it will remove cargo cars instead of engines.

Hope this helps.