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Highscore Calculation

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Highscore Calculation
« on: January 08, 2022, 11:57:44 am »


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it`s not actually a complaint, it`s more a question about how the calculation works.
Yesterday I played a on Server 2 a game against several people. Was really hard and quite fun. I managed anyhow to win and got 18Points. Second in line was Eliza, but she got 19Points.

2022-01-07 18:40:04   18   2   4,310,540 / 0   1649 / 4   1   Yes --> My stats
2022-01-07 18:40:04   19   2   772,976 / 0   1285 / 4   1   No --> Stats from Eliza

Don`t misunderstand me, I like the idea that winning isn`t the main goal and you have to prepare several things to get a lot of points. But I have no clue how the Highscore calculation works. According to I know that i had (in comparison to Elize):
  • higher company value
    less vehicles
    won the game
And I`m quite sure that her performance rating wasn`t that much better than mine.

So my question is on what should I focus in the game to get points? Really I tried several tactics but I never get more than 19 points on server 2. I understand that you don`t want to describe the complex algorithm, but it would be great if you can tell me/us a sort of weighting, or in the best case some direct advice like "you have to get 50% performance rating for additional points" (In gamification words: Main Goal: win, Second Goal: get 50% company value)... I hope you understand what I mean.

Anyway thank you sooooo much for preparing all the servers. It is really great!