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The Epic Server (based on x4)

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The Epic Server (based on x4)
« on: August 11, 2018, 12:04:39 am »


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Heh, messed up the picture, but it's simple, so not so worrisome.  See attached, the "x" denotes a circle which the player will be presented with when they join.  In every game so far I enter in normal view (for me), but in this setup, it would be better to force players into a zoomed out view, so that they can fully utilise the circle.
The circle makes every industry within it the same town name, and the largest town within the "x" gets to be the significant town for the industries. if no towns in the circle, placement should be restricted.
The circle placement doesn't cost any money, and if the player is bankrupt the circle reverts industries back to their previous names.

A CB barrier will exist around the edges of the much larger circumference, but a suitably big map will help (1048x1048).

From there onwards, the player has to transport as many units as possible to their area to as many accepting industries (and they can be bought) in that "x" area.
I'd prefer it to be timed for a duration of 25 years.
The goal to be the total number of units transported into area "x", excluding pax.  Resources can be purchased (none cheaply).

Game Start year: 2010
Game End year: 2035
Max Loan: £400,000
Interest Rate: 4%
Aeroplane limit: 50
Train limit: 400
Road Vehicle Limit: 200
Boats limit: 40