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The Transporter (dual conditional win)

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The Transporter (dual conditional win)
« on: August 11, 2018, 12:14:31 am »


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First off I've made a screenie to make it easier to explain, see attached (ideally first).

This is an idea is similar to x2/x3 but in reverse; instead of transporting to a city chosen by the player, whereupon a secondary industry is created upon claiming a town, we instead have a secondary industry created within a red centre, see "x" on attachment/picture.  That industry will have the same name as the town, regardless of it being nowhere near it, and it is only created by one player, it can only accept cargo by the owner of the town.  Primary and secondary industries can be used with the exception of oil since refineries won't place well in the centre of the map.  Cleansed companies take their industry with them, otherwise goaty could potentially fill up the "x".

In the picture, everything within the "x" is where the players' industry is created, a news item will let the player know where it is, but they can also look it up.  Within the "x" a player can not claim a town.
Within the "y" section, a player can also not claim a town but can build freely (like they can in "x"), these areas can be identified or not (up to whoever wants to code it), similar to how CB is currently defined.  The purpose of "x" & "y" is to stop camping.

Whether or not we should incorporate a dual conditional win or not again is up to you guys, but if we were to have a set amount of transported goods as one goal, along with a CB population target for a town claimed less than 500 population, and have the landscape set as desert (water towers needed), (where we can also buy sawmills, like on s3), that would hasten the game somewhat.

Finally "z" in the picture is everywhere a player can claim a town, the usual conditions apply for a claim.

If it's decided that it's primary industries only then the above is for that eventuality.
If it's decided that it's for secondaries industries only, then it would make sense for the created industry to be specifically tied to the CB requirements of claimed town, ergo, non-named cargo from a source bearing any other name than it's own CB town, would not go towards it's required goods tally (so infinity goods could be delivered for example, but only those from the linked factory will count). Others remain unchanged, so that steel, valuables, water etc requirements function as normal for CB.

Start year: 1970
Max Loan: £200,000
Aeroplane Limit: 10
Road Vehicle Limit: 75
Train Limit: 50 (it's CB)
Controversially I'd also put breakdowns on.

Re: The Transporter (dual conditional win)
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interesting, but who is the developer?