(Update) Facts about update to 13.0, now 13.1

Just an update! The patched client is now available and we have to adjust some files at our servers. So it will not be taken too long for our update to 13.1.

Chucky Sunday, 16 April 2023, 17:11 [UTC]

New trial admin

_bobby_tables_ has started his trial period as an admin. We wish to him many good decisions.

Chucky Saturday, 25 March 2023, 14:43 [UTC]


We got some troubles with our servers therefore these temporary not available.

Update 22:55 - all services restored

Chucky Tuesday, 21 March 2023, 16:57 [UTC]

Facts about update to 13.0

As you know OpenTTD 13.0 has been released now - normally April 1st. Since the developers have changed the admin protocol which is important for our server control program we have had started to integrate new variables few weeks ago. Currently a testserver with the latest version (now 13.0) is still running and some adjustments and program stuff have to program. Further our patched client is not ready right now. We are sorry about it and we cannot say when we will be ready but our goal is asap. 

If you are coming from Steam you have to downgrade to version 12.2 at your library with right click > properties > betas !

Chucky Tuesday, 7 February 2023, 16:57 [UTC]


Chucky Sunday, 1 January 2023, 14:16 [UTC]