Update to 1.10.1

Here we are again! The update to 1.10.1 has been done. Please download the vanilla or patched client for playing.

Chucky Thursday, 16 April 2020, 07:59 [UTC]

Update to 1.10.0

The update to 1.10.0 has been done. Please download the vanilla or patched client for playing.

Hint: We have changed the login sequence and you have to retype your password in patched client!

Chucky Monday, 13 April 2020, 10:26 [UTC]

Maintenance successfully finished, all servers back online

All game servers are back up. This concludes tonight's maintenance window. The forums still need work and will stay offline a little longer. We'll keep you posted.

yorvex Friday, 10 April 2020, 03:20 [UTC]

Server downtime for maintenance and updates April 9th/10th

From April 9th (Thursday) in the evening (UTC) we will be doing some maintenance on our servers which will lead to all game servers being down. This will probably take "all night" into the 10th of April (Friday). Close to that time frame start new games at your own risk, servers can go down any time without prior warning!
Since the downtime will include this website status updates will be posted on our Discord server (check the "Chat/Voice" menu option above) while everything else is offline. Make sure to join Discord before this date if you want to stay in touch with us during the downtime.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we know that this is during the time where you normally want to play. However, this is a volunteer/hobby project, we are just ordinary people working full-time who are doing this in our free time.

yorvex Sunday, 5 April 2020, 15:27 [UTC]


As we have expected a new version of openttd has been published on april 1st. Unfortunatelly we have to update our main machine and the one in states to update our servers too. In meantime we are also working to update our patched clients. 

So please be patient. Flattening the curve and stay healthy, take care of yourselves !

Chucky Friday, 3 April 2020, 19:45 [UTC]