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Harrasment by admin Gopher

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Harrasment by admin Gopher
« on: April 24, 2022, 02:54:42 pm »


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I normally not so vocal about these things, it is a game after all. but i'm really annoyed on this one.

Rule 3 is a tricky rule, i had an encounter with Gopher and was asked to fix a few things, i did fix my stations. but apparently this wasn't good enough.

I then find that he creates stations like this?? How is it any different??

Is it an airport? is it a train station? regardless... it's obvious it was built to extend the range of the train station.
In my case, i may have even started with trainlength 8 trains with a leading and following carriage, but after two iterations the trains have shrunk and i haven't been bothered to fix the length?
I will not that i didn't even bother to login to play this game and was merely just trying to kill the afternoon. but i am one very dissastisfied player. Who is to tell me i can't have mixed trains, 3, 7 and 25 length? why allow 25 length trains? this administrator is like vladmir putin

imgur  (.)  c)om/a/TLFTAh4

i had trouble uploading the imgs