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Kyrre's Application to be an Admin v2

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Kyrre's Application to be an Admin v2
« on: March 30, 2020, 12:12:01 am »


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Nickname Kyrre

Age 43

Location England

  Never cheated on N-ice, other than confessing (in certain threads) risky behaviour, which seemingly went unpunished.

The main reason that made you want to become an n-ice admin
  To enforce the rules when others are not available to enforce them.

How much are you online weekly
  TBA: However i'm on N-ice servers around 20 hours a week, could be more if I wanted, but do other stuff...

What is your current domain of work/ study
  Almost retired, jack of all trades, master of none!  Work a little, play a lot.

Additionally, i now have Mirc installed, but unsure how to use it at the moment; also "Check out documention of server program called xShunter here:" where upon the wiki link no longer exists....

Re: Kyrre's Application to be an Admin v2
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