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Temporal Loop server

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Temporal Loop server
« on: December 08, 2020, 07:27:24 pm »


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First off; it's super likely for me to believe this will never be made, but i think it's do-able. (as a non coder :P)

The general premise of this server, is time periods which offer different approaches to the game (also anarchy...), time periods as in 10 minute windows (the duration can be later determined), where upon restrictions and/or their removal is allowed for the duration of that window.

For example:  3 players connected, everyone's playing fair, 1st window comes up:  "rule 3 void" :), so for 10 mins rule 3 violations can be made, placed and stored (stored as in date stamped with inclusion of 10 min window's title and when, so that it can tie in with the ? tool for date verification should players call out rule 3 violations made in a point other than a window that explicitly allows it for admins to check up on)

Initially the example of "rule 3" would be the easiest to test. but in time, all the rules could be added, along with the anarchy setting (no rules).

Whilst all aspects of this idea would require collective improvement (as in the community), some things i'd want to be included are:
1) Window actions incur a CV penalty, dependent on rule used (weighting for community to decide), as to allow the purist gamer to prevail in theory...
2) Some rules are beyond revocation, namely the swearing to offend and racism.
3) The windows preferences (the list in which it uses to decide what to offer) is randomized (and possibly for duration too).

Should the idea be popular the server settings can be comprised at a latter date.