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Tutorial: Timetables

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Tutorial: Timetables
« on: September 19, 2018, 10:18:17 am »


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Hi, I've shown this to a few players and use them regularly myself. One of the people I've repeatedly tried to show is Gopher ^^, so this tutorial is for him.

Timetables, allow me, to part full load at multiple stations, and perhaps this gives me an edge over others who don't use timetables.

Timetables are much easier than conditional orders, but their use is pretty similar to each other, so if you understand how to make timetables, then the leap to using conditional orders won't be so hard to understand.

Attachment 1, shows two trains, Train 1 has the standard orders box.  Train 2 has selected the timetables tab as highlighted in train 1's box.

Attachment 2, Shows two trains, Train 1 has the standard orders box, and its orders are now shared with Train 2, though there is no difference if using train 1's order's box to determine.
Train 2's order's (in the timetables tab), shows 4 lines;
1: Go Non-stop to Toggleburg
Travel (for 11 days not timetabled)
2: Go Non-stop to Riddleton (stay for 5 days, not timetabled)
Travel (for 11 days not timetabled)

The travel times are automatically generated, and thus can be ignored, so we only want to be changing the numbered lines, they initially appear in black.
the 3rd line; (stay for 5 days, not timetabled) above is the automatic default to all orders, whereas the 1st order has been highlighted white (to be selected), the Clear Time box has already been clicked (removing the not timetabled part from the orders), and Change time has been selected.  I've opted to use 7 as the number of days, so I've put that in the box that comes up after the Change Time box has been clicked.
Pressing enter following is the end!