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I'm posting this solely in case I removed too much while getting the other thread back on track :) It will be removed later once everything seems fine again.

original from alex:
Beul, I will ask you a simple question: Do you want to be banned from the forum? I hope that you will stop turning every topic where both of us comment into an argument.

There is absolutely no need for your sarcasm, comparing us to your corrupt parliament, or using grand words that do not even exist!

From what I know remarks based on nationalist purposes are not so good in the forum. I could speak out my oppinions about Netherlands, but that would be off-topic, so please talk without insulting.

2: All you did here was to argue. I ask for oppinions to see what you want and instead of that, the topic becomes the following for you:
I agree that town size should be quite low, especially if you decide to start with monorail. I can guarantee that if you don't, the result will be all pax, and maybe a few 2-way coal lines.

Town size low? What does that mean? Are you being specific or am I blind and not seeing the values?

Further: not including perf. in the goal might be nice, but there are 2 things I wonder:

No offence, but if you really want me to point out the things that I do not consider proper about your comments: Your wonderings are not part of this topic. This topic was created to discuss the future changes of server 7. The decision to try it without performance was already taken. Why? because of multiple reasons. If you are so curious, I can create a topic to explain my decision or an announcement.

On the other hand I think a lower train limit will increase the effect of it being a contest of money making lines stimulating to choose your lines well. At the same time it will prevent mass cv cheating by buying trains, without the need of aditional measures.

Was this another specific example of what train size should be? Or just you wondering about certain aspects of the game.

You don't have to follow the suggestions, heck you do not even have to ask to begin with.
This is not up to you to decide. This is my decision and I do not need advice regarding it, thank you!

I took your comment and answered with a smile on my face before your agressive comments. And that remark was nothing but irony. I wasn`t shouting or insulting. Yet again, you do not seem to understand the irony.
What bothers me the most is the agressive way you answer whenever you think that you`re attacked or that someone is making you seem a lower man then you consider yourself to be. This wasn`t the case, I can assure you, but yet again, you felt attacked.

Now correct me if I may, but what part of your first post were specific answers, because I still don`t see that part.

For my references for small servers: I wrote a few examples of the EXISTING servers which are considered small to prove that there can be more then one option about how to juggle a server . You told me that by saying "small server", I already define most of the settings. Those existing or past servers prove that I don`t define most of the settings. 
I don`t know how you group the servers but a 30 mil goal is small server. By small servers, we are discussing about completion time nevertheless. Would you compare server 9 to server 4? Or even better, to server 5?

Tip: A hilly map would increase difficulty, but if you go with a large loan and monorail or maglev trains , it compensates.

Another aspect: Me looking for your answers in the previous posts. Maybe you don`t want to consider 2 things:
- it maybe very hard for people to stay and look for the standard settings and then to compensate them with the" aditional settings" because they simply do not have the time or the mood for that
- maybe I wanted to hear a full oppinion from everybody. That is why I suggested it in an ironic way with the emot-icons properly placed to clearly show that it was a joke. A joke that you didn`t quite understand.

In the end, a last aspect:
If you ask a question, be prepared to listen to the answer, even if it does not come in the exact way you want.
. This is exactly what I told you. Unfortunately, compared to other people , I cannot quit from n-ice whenever I don`t have the necesary time to be here. I have to make time or at least to balance it up. So, as I told you this morning:

You come after a few days absence (probably having some free time) and "alex879ro, I answered your post" ; " alex879ro, there is someone destroying road vehicles on server 5. Oops, it was on BTPro, srry." . If you do have free time, it doesn`t necesary mean that others do too. You don`t see me messaging you everytime I answer a post. Also, if every player would come and flash my name everytime something happens, I and probably any admin would go nuts.  For me and Der_Herr it is especially hard. When an admin is missing, there is someone here most of the times. But for operators, that is not happening. If both me and Der_Herr wouldn`t be here, nobody would be here to replace us. If I wouldn`t be here, the changing of the servers would not happen or it would but extremely slow. If Der_Herr wouldn`t be here, we would have no new coding, no new scoring implemented.
This having been said, I consider that maybe behaving a little more polite and understanding this would be more proper. I tried to talk to you politely and to pretend that your outbursts do not exist, but it seems this is not possible.

later on: (TODO might need to put these in the thread about scoring)
I know Beul made a good point, but his agressiveness based on nothing is what bothers me and it has deviated us from the initial goal of the topic.

I don`t consider there is any need to worry about performance. It`s not like we`re not here. We`ll be watching the goals and see if anybody tries to cheat it. If that happens, we will correct the performance right away. Also, it is a small server so you can cheat 30-40 points max. In my oppinion it is the perfect place to start testing. more thing you should take into consideration: I have talked with the guys at BTPro about this matter, and they limit the cheating phenomenon through their admins and sanctions. BTPro didn`t consider that having performance goal would be a idea.
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