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Interserver tournament

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Re: Interserver tournament
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well st2
i am just staggered you whine about a ban when you enter a topic (instead if fixing it) while other people like to discus how and when, and what is possible

sorry i am a bit sarcastic. but i put my non-constructive answer to your non constructive contribution

somehow when you enter a discussion we go miles off the actual subject  ::)

what about asking to unban you there?
saying ''please'' works miracles sometimes

and what about knowing why the ban happened? that would be great... because I dnt see a reason to a "sorry" or "please" when nothing was made to a ban be made.

anyway, my answer is above... and this kind of answer Geert... you're on the unknow place! And you've lost an opportunity to be shut while I had good opinions about you.
and I ask please... keep your answers straight... and do NOT enter in fields you dnt know... but that's getting usual on n-ice... just guessing ^^

well st2 i can say this
i had respect for you till a short time ago.
because everytime i see you talking (sometimes very silly) in our chat or discussing (in a non-constructive way) on our forum. I just get a feeling of a very frustrated man. I just think you lost yourself somewere....

my idea of ''try to say please'' was more like try to find yourself back!
i liked the st2 from a year ago  :)
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Re: Interserver tournament
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topic locked as it servers no purpose anymore. To answer solo: yes we are interested :)

once me, cxc, solo and The_Dude had our discussion on what will happen next a new forum thread will be made to inform everyone. I will also add a new thread where I will keep a list of interested players and where players can apply for a spot in the tournament.

From what I know right now there WILL be a match played on EACH community using the rules of that community.
If a player has a ban on one of the communities it is his own problem and he will not be able to join in on the match on that community's servers. If he really wants to join he will have to solve this by talking to the admins on that community himself.

The_dude and myself have no problems with doing the first match on btpro and the next on novapolis to make sure n-ice has plenty of time to find room for the tournament server. But this will all be made clear at the right time.