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Thanks for the answer, I am pretty sure I did not destroy buildings in my town, it was rather small when I built that station, it was the first thing I did in the game, making that (only) 5x3 station. Later I got so involved in making other stations in other towns to connect to it - I did not get into making more stations in my town. I am not sure how I got into appaling cycle, I realized it was a problem when I tried to make a first bus stop, it was too late after that. Good idea about planting forests, I will try that.

And BTW, bribing did not work at all. I made a company owner statue and made about 10 large campaigns, I was stuck at appaling to the end.

here is a screenshot, I'm not sure it makes any sense. :) I did save the game if it helps... it looks like a bug to me.

I can't get why this happened to me, I played a six year game, I was stuck at appaling rating until the end. I did not do much construction work, apart from making a city street grid. Other players were doing the same and had outstanding rating. I spent a fortune on large advertising campaigns and won the game with only one train station, because I could not make another one, or expand the existing station.

I noticed that population is wildly fluctuating and it does not really follow the passenger/mail required/delivered amounts. I was monitoring the opponents town and he was getting bigger city although I delivered much more passengers/mail.

Also: can a player score points in this type of game?

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