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Changelog / 1.4.2 release
« on: August 23, 2014, 01:15:01 am »
well, I guess it's my fault: I told Myhorta that we had 1.4.2 running and links to 1.4.1 in our forum.

on the rush, links here  were updated, but not well.

n-ice players, Running version is NOT 1.4.1! The most carefull players already noticed, and downloaded the correct version.
My advice, get your stuff together man!

Edit: and it's the guy with -57 Karma that warn players for this? Get a grip :|

General Chat / Re: BTPro FIRS Tournament
« on: August 03, 2014, 04:06:51 am »
There's cookies (not literally)... but cookies on it :D

General Chat / Re: BTPro FIRS Tournament
« on: August 03, 2014, 04:05:42 am »
but I guess it's all about people know the rules enforced ingame, right? ^^

Complaints / No servers on it :)
« on: August 03, 2014, 03:58:35 am »
hello :)

just tried n-ice client and buttons from "x1" to "x6" don't work... despite the fact that are marked as active and running servers!

This causes both our community clients give erroneous buttons to players. And solution is simple!

Thank you in advance :)

General Chat / BTPro FIRS Tournament
« on: August 03, 2014, 03:13:47 am »
The BTPro team proudly announces our next tournament: "Ordos & Kilamba" Special FIRS CityBuilder Fever!

A tribute to the builders of cities. Let's keep them motivated and working!

This "builders citybuilder" will require Building Materials, Passengers, Mail, Food, Goods, Petrol and Alcohol. More details below.

Required NewGRF's:
- OpenGFX + Trains 0.3.0;
- OpenGFX + Road Vehicles 0.4.0;
- FISH 0.9.2;
- FIRS 1.3.0; (FIRS economy)

All can be downloaded under "Check Online Content" option/button.

Tournament Date:
- 10/08/2014 (Sunday, August 10th) - 16:00 (GMT)

More information about server settings, demands, etc. And for signing up for the tournament: here

General Chat / Re: BTPro FIRS Tournament
« on: August 03, 2014, 03:13:23 am »
well, I saw this comming, therefore I would suggest to make those big letters to admins/players ingame when someone complain about it. That will be great, and hopefully respected!

note: I pointed rule #10 as shown ingame to all players: and even here:

and that seems numberings are incorrect (as I states almost 2 years ago!!).
so, you pointed me rule 8 (in fact 8.1) - try to do the same ingame, ok? and good luck with it!

General Chat / BTPro FIRS Tournament
« on: July 31, 2014, 12:11:08 am »
olá a todos :)

Somos amigos dos servidores "n-ice" e, apesar dos servidores serem diferentes, partilhamos sempre algo em comum. vai acontecer no próximo dia 10 de Agosto um grande torneio nos BTPro servers. Usa a economia FIRS e podem-se inscrever [ur=]AQUI[/url].  O servidor para treinar já está a correr, pode ser encontrado com o nome " #99 - FIRS APHID's CB #TRAINING SERVER# 12000pop|TEMPERATE|1980-GOAL". Mas, para aceder ao site geral... click!

Now, I can translate above message to the language allowed in n-ice servers and forum but I need to n-ice server admins respect rule #10: "The servers are international, you are supposed to speak English in the public chat." Personally, I think this rule is forgotten. If not to be taken in care, just delete if from the rules. But, if it's there.... please respect it! This message is mostly to admins not respecting it! Don't like, remove it!
*but I wasted my edit option to make this line* - Myhorta can translate what's above, and say to other admins what rule 10 states. Not asking much, I think ^^

well, since someone forgot to make it...
server gameplay is this - the one I tested:
- 10 towns - 4 Cities
- industries! yeah, I asked that too!!

Anyway, are players getting points for this city run? Was this map type even tested?

I hope so... I couldn't expect less from Chucky...
he's doing a good job, only missing testing server settings ^^

Ban/Unban Requests / Re: player ban request
« on: June 20, 2014, 09:57:11 pm »
despite the fact that he knew well what was doing, Chucky, I saw your efforts (and chats). Well done!

By me, you can consider this ban request issue solved, and lets hope that Der Vollstrecker will respect n-ice server rules :)

good luck to him and enjoy the games

Ban/Unban Requests / player ban request
« on: June 19, 2014, 11:14:07 pm »
well, I called an admin and tried to talk to the player

both didn't worked so, I fill here my BAN request. Reason(s):
- Multicompanies
[23:34:54] * +OTTD-8 [23:28:17] * >> player (#37/ []/DE) has joined spectators
[23:34:54] * +OTTD-8 [23:28:18] * # player (#37/ []/DE) has started company 3 ()
[23:34:54] * +OTTD-8 [23:29:06] * >> player (#37/ []/DE) has joined spectators
[23:34:54] * +OTTD-8 [23:29:07] * # player (#37/ []/DE) has started company 4 ()
[23:34:54] * +OTTD-8 [23:29:16] * >> player (#37/ []/DE) has joined spectators
[23:34:54] * +OTTD-8 [23:29:17] * # player (#37/ []/DE) has started company 5 ()
[23:34:54] * +OTTD-8 [23:29:44] * >> player (#37/ []/DE) has joined company 2 (Red)
[23:34:54] * +OTTD-8 [23:30:20] * >> player (#37/ []/DE) has joined spectators
[23:34:54] * +OTTD-8 [23:30:21] * # player (#37/ []/DE) has started company 6 ()
[23:34:54] * +OTTD-8 [23:30:45] * >> player (#37/ []/DE) has joined spectators
[23:34:54] * +OTTD-8 [23:30:46] * # player (#37/ []/DE) has started company 7 ()
I will not hide IP's of players I want to be banned for not respecting rules and/or players
to make this:

- Illegal spread

- Insults after trying to call an admin after tell it to player
[23:54:49] * +OTTD-8 * !! ST2 (#41/3 (Orange)/PT) has placed a sign: "admin Illegal spread" - at 477x90 (0x2D1DD)
[23:54:50] * +OTTD-8 * !! ST2 (#41/3 (Orange)/PT) has requested an admin (Reason: placed sign "admin Illegal spread" - at 477x90 (0x2D1DD)).
[23:55:08] <+OTTD-8> player (Red): piss off
[23:55:14] <+OTTD-8> player (Red): fuck you
[23:55:19] <+OTTD-8> ST2 (Orange): that's against the rules
[23:55:25] <+OTTD-8> ST2 (Orange): please fix it
[23:56:12] <+OTTD-8> player (Red): are you my mother?

tell if more info needed :)

Suggestions / Re: Multi-companies... allowed?!
« on: June 11, 2014, 01:25:29 am »
@ The_Dude: I really must have left your heart broken beyond imagination. But life continues and it's not healthy bring that personal matters to an OpenTTD related forum. Maybe it helps if you talk with a psychiatrist to calm down and get your ideas together.
Sorry the offtopic, but people need help when lose their heads.

Ontopic again: The mentioned behavior of the subject decreased a lot. Talking about what I see during the night!

Suggestions / Re: Multi-companies... allowed?!
« on: June 07, 2014, 10:57:05 pm »
finally a The_Dude's reply that deserves that name.

@ The_Dude: until you quoted some parts of what I said that you can not confirm. maybe to you is normal take opinion on things you didn't even saw happening. but probably we must accept that being great attempt, when was it that destroyed your reply credibility. And I could get some quotes too but as I said, it's worthless to make replies with credibility zero. But ofc, you can try to show that you don't have criteria duality and talk a bit about GPL v2. Remember that?

@ Chucky: about Holischiit, you really believe he's new? he had perfect notion of what was doing, and kept, until you talk! but I saw too other players do the same, and almost on same second you use some command on servers channel. it's impossible not notice the spam! that's why my question, because if it's a cheat, therefore not allowed (wich I agree). almost had the feeling of "two weights and two measures" among the players. Glad we cleared that out.

Suggestions / Re: Multi-companies... allowed?!
« on: June 07, 2014, 01:46:26 am »
Note: as I said, this post is not directly related to the mentioned Kwissy's post but to the behavior itself.
Why do you link it then... if you really want an answer from the users in here => bad start.

in conclusion of this topic, but not directly related.

in other words: isn't about you or your particular actions there... it's about reset/new company behavior itself.
maybe if you joined server channles you could understand what I'm talking about. See the "Holischiit" quote below (the persons quoted can talk better about it).

I've created a different thread because the behavior of multicompanies was getting a fever. It's like society: if one does and it's not punished, all that see (consider ppl that are on IRC channels too) thinks that's an allowed action. And after that will escalate quickly! Hopefully, players and admins will understand my question: "Multi-companies... allowed?!"

And until now, no answer! and I haven't asked for "2 companies... allowed?!", for the same reason that exists "bigamy" and "poligamy". Well, my fault, maybe I should asked: "Policompanies... allowed?!"

Now Kwissy, I invite you to join servers channel and see things there: and it's not hard to see the differences between this 2 cases:
- A player start new company - after a while reset/create new and continues...
- A player start new company - after a while reset/create/reset/create/reset/create/reset/create/reset/create... (or replace reset/create by join spectators/create, it's exactly the same intention)

to finish, and clear your doubts: I've only linked to the post to show the behavior (it's the question made) and because I know you won't repeat the same :P

Suggestions / Re: Multi-companies... allowed?!
« on: June 07, 2014, 12:10:59 am »
as I said... my 2 "lines" on your level!

btw, I didn't catch your opinion about the subject. Oh right, you haven't said anything about it! I'm getting used to your tries to destabilize a subject!

The_Dude, before you made your reply... did you even read the subject?

Suggestions / Re: Multi-companies... allowed?!
« on: June 06, 2014, 11:18:02 pm »
well, if I made replies "full of emptyness" like you... I wouldn't need to edit them too!

Because I made  thread about a serious matter, Andreas replied (and well) and you, as usually, only atack with destructive words, trying to bring your sh*t to a subject that's being abused massively!
Even kids discussing TV sizes have better arguements than you! And ofc they don't need to edit them, too!! And I won't call you stupid (or the other fancy name) because, hopefully, you have mirrors at home.

The_Dude, if you want to share your opinion about the subject... you're welcome! If not, save your frustration to yourself!

Note: as I said, this post is not directly related to the mentioned Kwissy's post but to the behavior itself.

And I'll stop here! It was my 2 lines on the garbage level! Yes, I can go there down too, but as I said to Chucky once, I prefer not doing it. Sometimes I can look a bit angry and words don't come out the way I want, but at least are not empty of meaning about the game/gameplay.

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