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Apply to become an admin! / [Trial] New Admin request: stenyg
« on: March 08, 2022, 10:14:51 pm »
- nick: stenyg (ingame and irc)

- Age: 37 (feb 1984)

- Location Sweden

- Resent admin issues?:Me and kyrre had a few discussion. but i always AFAICT adjusted my behavour and took needed actions (including company reset)

- The main reason that made you want to become an n-ice admin
A former Reddit server admin under Luaducks regime looking to help out where help is needed in OTTD community

- How much are you online weekly (how many hours)
I usually play between 8 and 23pm CEST, but during weekends maybe more
- What is your current domain of work/ study ( General domains like : Computer Science; Architecture... no need for details)
Im Software development/DevOps/Scrummaster (c/c++) consultant

Chucky: trial period has been started (4/2022)

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