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That's good to know. I knew not to monopolise but wasn't aware it didn't apply to primary industries. Thanks for clarifying!

Ran the 50k steel challenge on this server last night. After several hours of playing I was halfway there but it was past my bedtime ^.^

Fun scenario to play, I love big cargo runs and trying to get them to run smoothly with several intersections. The only problem I see with this at the moment is monopolising the iron ore mines to get to the 50k goal. Would be much harder to achieve if two or more companies are vying for the same supplies to get to the goal.

Introduction / Top of the Morning to you all
« on: June 26, 2019, 07:12:43 am »
Hi, my name is Jane, long time TTD player (20+ years ago my first game, off and on) recently started again with OpenTTD. I found myself looking for new challenges and through the videos of Strictoaster on YouTube I realised Multiplayer could be really cool. And then I updated my game, found and the rest....will be history.

Loving the city builder so far, curious to have a gander at the other servers. See you in game!

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