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General Chat / Re: BTPro FIRS Tournament
« on: August 08, 2014, 12:53:15 pm »
:)) Indeed. Well said Kwissy.

General Chat / Re: BTPro FIRS Tournament
« on: August 07, 2014, 02:15:20 am »
I know that each conversation with you can just go on without an end so I`ll keep to my point.

1: I didn`t clasify it as a spam in terms of N-ice rules. If I would have done that, it would have been deleted.
I`m pretty sure that you can see such advertisments posted in every group of facebook, comment section of news sites on the internet. The name is the same: Spam

Repeating the promotion of an event even if in another language is still spam (who read it, remembers it...who didn`t, doesn`t want to read it anymore so a 2nd recommendation only fills up the space. Whoever thinks that recommending an event a million times without a reason will get him more users is wrong)

If I`d want to go on word by word about this: I do not see the word "tournaments....or events" in that rule, but I think that debating the rules on words is another conversation without end because the rules are made so humans can understand what they can`t do. They`re not made for machines

I didn`t see all the posts where you defended N-ice and by chance and curiosity I saw this one. I don`t see the point of this sentence since I never thought u would defend this behaviour from other posts.

I did say that I agree with your pointer : Cooperation between communities is good
I also pointed out that the part about posting without an approval or even a warning to the admins of n-ice constitutes something from which neither community can benefit. I considered that this part was "absent or non-spoken about" in your oppinion.

Therefore I consider that Chucky`s sarcasm and irritation are both understandable and I think we should praise his patience. Other admins (including myself) would have deleted the posts and the account of the creator and take precautious measures to avoid such " rule pushings " from happening again. Chucky manifested his sarcasm and irony but was very patient.

Since an endless argument won`t be beneficial for either of us or for this topic, I won`t continue with the answers if I feel that we are going off-course.

It`s nice to see someone appreciating Chucky for the work he has done in the past few months. I have the same oppinion about him.
The sentence "I gave Chucky more privileges is not reflecting the truth". Chucky is a member of the active admin team of n-ice while I stepped down because my free time is rather uncertain and simply didn`t allow me to be an active admin anymore.

General Chat / Re: BTPro FIRS Tournament
« on: August 06, 2014, 03:49:08 pm »
Andreas, you made a very good pointer: More community cooperation will do a lot of good and increase the quality of OpenTTD and of the communities.

However, Chucky`s irritation is understandable since cooperation is done VOLUNTARILY and with a pre-agreement before it starts. Judging from Chucky`s reaction, I doubt that ST2 discussed it with anybody on n-ice before posting that here.
Unfortunately, there is only one name for such a type of publicity: Spam

Also, please do not defend such a behaviour because it would encourage the persons reading it to think that it is ok to spam here articles about anything.

I agree with the proposal. I`ll try to modify it tomorrow. Imus, maybe we can find some time to talk this week. I have something which requires your attention.

Ban/Unban Requests / Re: Ingame ban "for annoying people" on chat
« on: March 02, 2014, 12:40:58 am »
Since the topic was locked, I feel I can reply now without re-starting an argument. The logs between me and Andreas were analyzed by all the n-ice admins, therefore I consider that every admin has an oppinion based on the logs. I thank every admin that posted an oppinion here supporting or not supporting my decision

I considered that Andreas knew why he was banned, he knew about the risk of getting banned.

[2014-02-24 00:32:28] <Andreas> Now ban me if you want alex879ro

Ban period: 30 days with possiblity of extension because of repeated attempts to avoid the ban and also threats

Reason of the ban:
Annoying person who needs a break

Explanation for the reason: Regardless of any type of conversation, the user has been repeatedly warning for not knowing when to stop with the conversations and messages. The user also had a previous ban on the same matter which was partially non-respected (he was never unbanned, but he still showed up in the chat) and has shown no sign of improving that behaviour.The user has continued to spam messages for 2-3 days after the ban, forcing the admin to place him on ignore.

Additional notes: 1)User claims that he wasn`t warned to stop before receiving the ban, even after being ignored by the admin,  after angry replies from the admin, still continuing to use the nickname alarm and continued to spam messages even after the ban and attempt to avoid the ban.
                                       2)User claims he does not know why he has been banned on IRC and on the OpenTTD servers

Additional notes from the admin: Andreas, I apologise for believing that you were lying about not telling others. Indeed , you were right.

Final verdict: The admin has made a mistake in not believing that the user was telling the truth and has apologised for that. The reason of ban is on another matter and the period of banning will be 30 days + a possibility of extension if the user continues to try to avoid the ban. Considering that the user has a previous ban because of the same behaviour which was partially non-respected and did not fix the problem, the admin decides to extend the ban to IRC channel and also in-game, considering that a bigger break is needed for this user.

Complaints / Re: Forum behavour
« on: January 29, 2014, 03:07:01 pm »
No offence Andreas, but this is my final reply to you. You are starting to become very annoying, and I think you kinda crossed the limit:

1st quote: The final team was decided by Geert and Batt. It is not up to you to declare if we had players or not. Also, the fact that you know certain specific insides of the n-ice community but you start posting them publicly is something that worries me. Way more then your accusation of arogance because of the frustration caused my decision from last evening.

2nd quote: Kwissy was banned for cheating. Turning from such an action to a normal player and more importantly to someone who helps the n-ice community took a while...but I`m glad that he did it. After the ban he had a period when he insisted to change the money transfer several times. I can justify my answer to Kwissy if he requests it, or probably to any other player, but not to you. I simply do not consider that you deserve a justification after your recent behaviour. Also, asking me 7-8 times for something of which I already said I do not agree, kinda seems pointless, don`t you agree?

3rd quote makes absolutely no sense. You quoted a post from a different topic of the forum and placed it in a board where a player accused Kwissy of cheating the 2nd time. I researched and found no evidence that Kwissy would have done such a thing.

4th quote refers again to something from another topic: You consider that you`re making a point quoting my answers from my replies in all the forum?
Or perhaps we have someone with a new obsession ? Since from what I remember, the replies that you posted are from 2-3 different topics, I can only think that you researched all of them?

6th quote: not even worth bothering answering? Kwissy cheated once for which we still have the proof, then that topic was referring to another player complaining about him? Did you think about that? Or again, frustration problem?
7th quote: yes, I consider I have the right to be angry while you don`t. You want to know why? Because I have the obligation to follow the n-ice protocols even in the case of annoying people like you. People who track the whole forum in order to try to make an interesting debate about somebody.
You want to know why again? I have never bothered you on IRC. About you bothering me could we say the same thing?

8th quote : The funny quotes section is made to post quotes in a friendly ironic way. I see nothing friendly between me and you. Also, your obsession for always warning and interfering in the fun of 2 players worries me.... The same as quoting only a part of the post in order to try to make a point.

And finally the 9th quote which is the most pointless one. I must ask you...are you blind? I had that impression yesterday....I have it again now since you posted it here.

But let me breath some fresh air and explain it again...for the 17th time:

I already answered to your questions last evening....and you were still asking them. How many times do you consider I have to answer a question so you can understand it? Also, do you consider that my time is unlimited each time you want to annoy me?  Therefore, you actually got me angry enough with your questions that I repeated the previous answer to you. It wasn`t spam. It wasn`t pointless. It was posted to show you that maybe you got a problem since you`re asking the same question 2-3 times. And it would have been good to happen with 1 question.

However, when it comes to your did out of.....I don`t even know what it was. You felt the need to show me that you can repeat replies, BUT WITHOUT A REASON...which is spamming. Combined with flashing my name without a reason and your recent behaviour of bothering most of the people on the channel, it resulted in my telling you that you need a break from that channel.

After all the _______ justifications that you made write here AGAIN, even if I told them to you last evening, I can only concur that my judging of your behaviour was correct. I`m pretty sure you can understand the difference between 15 replies(more or less, I didn`t count them) WITH A REASON: designed to show anger because you were becoming very annoying and pretending not to see my answer and the 6 replies WITHOUT A REASON and posted only to show the muscles...or I have no idea why.

Now my warning to you. Either you cut it out and take that break, or I will enforce the break on you. Bothering me is included.

As a justification to you: Your behaviour recently has been annoying for the people on the channel. It appears to me that you have got a lot of free time. Well, NOT EVERYBODY has free time to spend it answering your questions. Also, posting oppinions and news about OpenTTD 1.4.0 is not something of interest since we haven`t switched to that. But yet you feel very good by seeing that most of the people do not know it, but you do.
So my conclusion is very simple: You absolutely need a break from that channel. I trully hope you won`t prove that it should be a permanent break.

General / Re: Legal?
« on: January 27, 2014, 11:49:01 pm »
Every remark after the word "Unfortunately" is directed at the situation itself. The "you" is a form of speaking and does not refer to Andreas.

Also...I won`t start to quote because I already have the example from the complaints section where I took my time to answer....and I dunno if you even read it...not to mention answering back. Anyway, I will try to underline the basic:

I did not refer to SPEEDING. Driving with 50 km/h in a blizzard does not mean speeding since the limit in most of the cities is exactly that. Also....I didn`t try to compare driving with OpenTTD....but what you understood is a part of your uniqueness :)

I compared the way the driving code treats this problem. It doesn`t restrict a specific limit (speed limit) , but simply warns that you should drive slower. It doesn`t say how doesn`t specify a simply a warning for your own safety. Just as maintaining the distance from the car that is in front of you.
It states that you must maintain a good distance which should be increased in severe weather conditions, but it doesn`t specify it. It simply a guideline in the middle of a driving rule book. Also, mention about driving itself...just about how an official rule book treats certain situations.

Also, concerning the last remarks of my post. They simply meant: You cannot expect every new player to have the style and the knowledge of an experienced player. Therefore I`m pretty sure we will continue to see such situations. Our expectations from those rules is that if at least 1 new player bothers to read them, then their mission is done.  The idea is to try to prevent at least a small part of the new players from using terraforming excessively.

Since this post got way way deeper then the original host wanted to know, this is my last reply here. I hope he understood our thinking about such actions :)

General / Re: Legal?
« on: January 27, 2014, 07:53:12 pm »
Each player has a different knowledge of the game, and then we got Andreas :)  He had the time to gain experience so he has a whole different understanding of the game. Unfortunately, you cannot flood the world with OpenTTD knowledge ^^

If such a technique would be possible, we could say goodbye to stupidity, low education, possible to poverty too and a whole range of "plagues" that are ravaging humanity. I can only say I hope that this player will grow and will start to think like you as soon as possible :)

General / Re: Legal?
« on: January 27, 2014, 11:38:50 am »
He didn`t "built a big trench along the map"

The way you say it makes it look like he carved a valley just for the fun of landscaping. He considered landscaping to be necesary in order for his trains to reach maximum speed. It is not bad will. It`s just not knowing that he doesn`t need it.

According to him it is a necesary modification...and I can assure that I don`t think he waited that long in order to terraform just for the fun of it.

In what terraforming is concerned here, the situation is divided in 2 cases hopefully listed the right way by the rules:
1: Un-necesary land modifications (building lakes with company HQ in the middle.....or circular hills around the HQ....or writing GOBU IS SMART by lifting the terrain...or any other such stupidities) : FORBIDDEN and listed in the rules as "un-necesary modifications" since I`m pretty sure you can win the game without such things and your score won`t be affected

2: Player decided land modifications(Raising/lowering land for a station or for a section of line...raising or lowering land for a bridge system....for tunnels...for intersections....for cornering .....) There was a huge a debate on weather those things were or weren`t legal. Therefore xOR introduced the terraforming limit and decided: if the player has the patience to do it this long as it is not something at section`s ok.

I consider this idea to solve the disputes since it is an automatic terraforming limit. Admins do not need to intervene if it isn`t something that it is listed in paragraph 1.
As for the rules, I consider they describe the situation quite good. Ofc if we deny them (Andreas considering that those are un-necesary modifications) we will re-start the debate.
Also...not knowing something is different then willingly breaking the rules and there will always be touchy subjects about the rules NO MATTER how we re-write them.

Some of the rules are designed in a preventive way in order to help us make the player understand how he should play. For example:

If some player entered and built a 3 line route and he starts to make a trench 8 tiles wide (just in case he needs to add more lines later), if the rules would say "terraforming at a bigger level is permitted if you started playing for a short time and do not know any other means of building" , then this player wouldn`t care. Everybody would start saying that they read the rules, but they didn`t think this was too important. The rules are supposed to help a player understand what he must do, but some changes are not required immediately. I hope you understand what I tried to say in this last paragraph, if not, I`ll try to rewrite it ^^

Basically think about driving: In a storm...or in a foggy environment , you are required to lower the speed, but if the police will find you with 50 km/h in a city , they won`t fine you....even if it`s foggy outside. It`s a preventive writing of the rule...

New Server Proposals / Re: Road Only
« on: January 19, 2014, 12:54:49 am »
We do have such a server in our consideration. Currently we are adding one more machine to our network and when this process finishes, we will be able to add more servers. When oil rigs pop in a cv game is a reference to server 8 I guess. Such a server was very popular. This is the only reason for keeping it. Players like easy games.

As for making a server with only road,water,airplanes, it would be possible, but there are certain aspects to consider:
1: If you allow airplanes, trucks become useless....most of the players only use them to supply cargo to the airports because the profit is much bigger with airplanes
2: Ships overload the server, demanding a lot more CPU then it normally does. This is why almost all our servers have the ships max number set to 0

If you take those 2 arguments into consideration, the result is obvious: Have 1 road server and have 1 airplane server.

This is exactly what we`re thinking right now :)

General / Re: Legal?
« on: January 19, 2014, 12:48:23 am »
Modification of the landscape can be interpreted in multiple ways. What he did had a purpose: to make a coridor so he can build all 3 lines toghether.

When playing into singleplayer, this is a common way to build and you get used to it. When you play on multiplayer for the first time, you tend to keep up the habit. What he did is not against the rules and no admin should react to this. The reason is very simple: we have a terraforming limit.
The terraforming limit is based on an algorythm and we implemented so we can finish the debate about "this guy terraformed 3 tiles when the rules used to say 2 tiles max, please warn him"

So if he chose to wait hours and hours in order to terraform his line, then it is his decision. Personally, my oppinion is that he lost time...but..that`s me. According to the rules he did nothing wrong.

In order to consider that he blocked, you must prove his clear INTENTION of blocking.
This situation is in no way related to the one where a player terraforms around an industry in order to prevent others to build there. That is indeed blocking and forbidden.

Avoiding such situations is very simple and you can do it by planning your line before you build and investigating what are the obstacles that you face. On bigger servers this is very useful in order to avoid big water surfaces.

General Chat / Re: EPIC FAILS
« on: January 09, 2014, 01:36:28 am »
:))  I was trying to give imus an idea about the commands...I checked s9, and right after that you entered :) I didn`t notice that, so beeing sooo sure of myself cause I knew I checked before, I tested the command. And the result was totally un-expected  but at least it`s worth to enrich this topic:)))
Sorry about it :)

General Chat / Re: EPIC FAILS
« on: January 07, 2014, 11:27:48 pm »
haha. You should have posted the whole log meaning when I started explaining to you and i checked if the server was free:P In the meantime that guy started playing without me noticing that :P . And the finalle came when I showed you the command being very confident that the server is empty:))

New Server Proposals / Re: Temperate CityBuilder
« on: January 06, 2014, 03:10:40 pm »
Yes, there are chances in the following days. It all depends on the date we have our 2nd machine operational.

Apply to become an admin! / How to apply
« on: December 30, 2013, 10:19:20 pm »
1)Please create a topic in this board with your nickname

2) In the new topic, please create a post containing the following information:

- Nickname (in game and on IRC if the case)

- Age

- Location (Country where you currently live)

- Explanations (If you ever had problems with admins or have been ban, here you can post the explanation for the situation)

- The main reason that made you want to become an n-ice admin

- How much are you online weekly (how many hours)

- What is your current domain of work/ study ( General domains like : Computer Science; Architecture... no need for details)

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