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Suggestions / Tournament points
« on: July 11, 2013, 09:40:49 am »
Just read the news that tournaments will give you 1000 points for winning and 250 points for loosing. This seems crazy to me, I understand you obviously want to promote the idea of tournaments, but 1000 points?  :o

I think it would be better if you implemented an ELO system then the rankings would actually be based on how good you are compared to another person. For example with the current system I could just keep playing against a bad player and each time receive 1000 points! With an ELO system if the player is worse than you, then you earn diminishing returns.

I play another game and there they used to have the system you have now, fixed amount of points per win. So very quickly the "best" player become the person who had played the most times. Now they have an ELO system and somebody that has played 1000 or 100 times makes no difference. The rank is based on who you beat.

Side note: This system would probably be better for all of the servers in general, but I never really took the point system seriously so I never suggested it. Now that you are making tournaments I thought you might want to look into  better system that actually represents a players ability to play the game and not the amount played.

More info
Lol wiki (I found some interesting info for values when I was implementing an ELO system):
Trueskill (Elo on xbox):
Glicko (another version):

I think Elo, glicko and trueskill have the most documentation.

Here's a link explaining how to apply Elo in a game where there are multiple ranks possible (not just 1 winner and 1 looser):
You don't need that in your current system, but if you for instance want to give every person in a game some points then you might be able to use that.

Suggestions / [DONE] Terraforming limit
« on: August 20, 2012, 04:56:14 pm »
Can the terraforming limit be raised? and / or can the terraforming be raised for companies with multiple players.

While I understand the need for a terraforming limit I feel it's cranked up to a point where it is detrimental for legitimate players rather than deterring for griefers.

I often bring up this topic when I play with other players with remarks like:
-"fuuuu terraforming"
-"terraforming limit is too damn low"

These remarks are received with great understanding and it's like I'm preaching to the choir. Never has a player said: "Sorry Zero, but I completely disagree with you the terraforming limit saved my life once when I was trapped in a burning building with my three cats. It's a necessity to global healthcare and should be elected for president."

Yours truly
- ZeroIncome

EDIT: To further concretize my suggestion: I'm suggesting to double the terraforming limit.

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