Chucky Sunday, 1 January 2023, 14:16 [UTC]

Xmas 2022

Chucky Monday, 26 December 2022, 18:35 [UTC]

Maintenance finished

Server maintenance has been completed, all game servers are back online, enjoy playing!

yorvex Sunday, 30 October 2022, 01:14 [UTC]

Servers down for maintenance

On Saturday, October 29th the game servers will be scheduled for shutdown from 16:00 UTC. This means that from this time whenever a game on a server ends this server will shutdown afterwards. Servers that don't have any active players will be shutdown immediately.
Roughly 6 hours later all game servers that are still running by then will be forced to shutdown even when they still have games going (most likely this will happen to the long goal servers, so consider this before starting a new game there). Afterwards maintenance on the server machine will begin. During maintenance all game servers will stay offline and even this website and our IRC servers will be down for a certain period of time. I cannot make any predictions on how long the downtime will take. If you want to stay in touch or get status updates during this time be sure to join our Discord.

I understand that it is annoying to have that done during a good time for playing on a weekend, but remember that us admins are putting our time into this voluntarily beside our day jobs, we are humans just like you and have the most free time on weekends.

yorvex Thursday, 27 October 2022, 21:15 [UTC]

Build 122B

I´ve changed the company window. Are you missing the face? How about to use a button instead of the keys? Go to pre-releases.

Chucky Sunday, 4 September 2022, 20:37 [UTC]